Our materials

We care about your needs.
This is why we are specialized in the production of an innovative and high quality material such as Solid Surface.

Our experience has always been based on the search for the best materials and attention to detail through the eyes, mind and hands of highly qualified personnel. Nothing is left to chance; each of our pieces is precious and unique.

Aquaforte products, available in the different variants and finishes available, are the synthesis of our design and production philosophy. You can choose between different models or request a customized article that meets your needs. We will gladly answer all your requests.

Care and maintenance

Green solutions

Ours are eco- sustainable products. The solid surface originates from resins obtained from corn while the mineral marble we use is created with recycled PET. Both materials are fully recyclable at the end of their life and their impact on the environment is minimal.

Compared with alternative materials, which require firing at extremely high temperatures, our materials, manufactured without firing, generate a far lower consumption of CO 2; in addition, we use only packaging made from materials from renewable sources and that are completely recyclable Our manufacturing process is also green because we use clean energy , using photovoltaic systems, re-use hot air and recycling most of the processing waste.

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