Characteristics and Composition

We know how important it is to choose a satisfying product both from a functional and a purely aesthetic point of view, a safe, resistant and customizable product. This is why for our shower trays, we have chosen MINERALMARMO®, a material that manages to combine design and resistance, making it suitable for the most varied uses.

MineralMarmo® is composed of 75% of natural mineral fillers (calcium carbonates and aluminum trihydrates) and 25% of polyester resin. Therefore, it is not a plastic material, but an elegant mineral compound with a tactile finish.
The technical enamel film in Gelcoat with coloring applied during the plate molding phase, covers the surface of the material and gives maximum resistance to water and external agents.

It is a versatile material that allows the development of many shapes and multiple colors and finishes. Frequent cleaning of MineralMarmo® ensures that its original beauty is maintained and also prevents signs of wear over time. Surface damage caused by aggressive chemicals can be avoided by simply avoiding strong acids and bases (such as hydrochloric acid and caustic soda), ketones (acetone), chlorinated solvents (trichlorethylene) and products used in the painting industry.

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