Shower trays

Shower trays

The LIBRA, VENA and NARA shower trays, in different variants, finishes and colours, are the synthesis of Aquaforte’s design philosophy. Manufactured from Mineralmarble, a composite material made up of natural mineral fillers and resins, coated with an opaque technical enamel that gives the surface a very pleasant aesthetic effect. This coating gives a high resistance to scratches, abrasions and stains, it makes the surfaces easily washable and gives our shower trays a greater durability over time.

Available in the three finishes, STONE, SMOOTH and CONCRETE, all models can be installed both in SUPPORTING and FLUSH FLOOR situations.

Cut to Measure and Shaping

Aquaforte shower trays can be cut in length and width and made with grooves shaped exactly to fit the available space. Just a few precautions: the cuts must be straight and therefore curved or arched cuts are not allowed, moreover it is not possible to cut the shower tray around the drain for an area equal to 40 x 40 cm.

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Stone finish

The stone surface and its velvety finish recall the natural effect of stone smoothed by water, making it unique and natural. Here is the perfect touch of elegance for your bathroom!

This finish offers a very particular texture and a pleasant tactile and massaging sensation that also make it an excellent and functional non-slip coating, highly resistant and easy to clean.

The STONE finish shower trays are available in the LIBRA models , 3cm high with a continuous finish on the edges, and VENA , 4cm high with a containment edge that also acts as a support for the shower enclosure.

They are supplied with a polished stainless steel drain cover painted in the same colour and are shaped in such a way as to avoid water stagnation, allowing it to flow immediately into the drain. Zero problems, maximum elegance.

Concrete finish

The CONCRETE finish with its particular surface is suitable for more rustic tastes and for the needs of modern life.

4 cm high, the concrete finish shower trays have the particularity of the drain cover in the same material and colour as the shower tray.
Pleasant texture to the touch, solid, resistant and naturally non-slip.

Elegance, innovation, comfort and resistance are all characteristics of our shower trays along with the guarantee of hygiene.

Smooth finish

The SMOOTH finish shower trays, 3 cm high, are delicate, refined, versatile, modern and sophisticated due to the LIBRA model design .

Fully washable and with good corrosion resistance.
Available only in WHITE colour, they too are supplied with a polished stainless steel drain cover painted in the same colour. In perfect combination with all types of surfaces and floors, it offers a very pleasant tactile sensation of hygiene and cleanliness.



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Colour variants

The Aquaforte shower trays are available in the colour variants below. The colour variants can be easily combined with any type of furniture and project.

WHITE colour
ASH colour
IVORY colour
GREY colour
BLACK colour

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