Characteristics and Composition

We have chosen the best materials to guarantee a product that will satisfy your expectations and go even further.

For Aquaforte it is essential to offer you not only a product of technical excellence but also a design element. This is why we chose SOLID®, a technologically advanced material made from a high percentage of natural mineral fillers derived from bauxite and a low percentage of high-purity polyester and acrylic polymers.

Made entirely in Italy, SOLID® is a material with multiple characteristics, each of which contributes to making it unique. Ductile, refined and innovative, hypoallergenic and non-toxic, flame retardant, resistant to scratches and UV rays, compact and non-porous

SOLID® is a material that is adaptable, due to its extreme versatility, to any shape conceived by the genius of the most creative designers. Artists of international calibre have chosen SOLID® to “dress” their elegant creations, with soft and enveloping shapes, in the bathroom furniture and hotel contract sector.

Its velvety texture makes it pleasant to the touch and evokes warm and pleasant sensations. Homogeneous throughout its thickness, due to its unique characteristics, it offers infinite design solutions for the construction of baths, washbasins and shower trays.

SOLID® is also hygienic and easy to clean. Among its strong points, the restorability of scratches and burns. In fact, it can be restored to its original appearance with a simple detergent and an abrasive sponge.

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