Free-Standing baths

Free-Standing baths

The bath is a dominant element in the bathroom! Here are our Free-Standing baths, essential and undisputed heroes of a stylish bathroom.

Soft, graceful and enveloping shapes: these are the key features of our baths, created individually with a refined design and studied by our experts for comfort and relaxation. Due to the Solid® Surface, a material of the highest quality and with multiple functions, all Aquaforte Free-Standing baths are resistant to fire, UV rays and the passage of time.

Numerous solutions and models available; linear shapes with flexible, modern and elegant lines to meet all your needs.

Baths with an exclusive design

The bathroom as a place to experience absolute well-being, to experience a ritual suspended in time and space. This collection of free-standing baths was created to invoke an atmosphere, where relaxation and intimacy accompany the words beauty and design. Aquaforte baths are made from Solid® Surface, and feature production quality and exclusive design, with a careful study of colour and surface finishes that remind us of the touch of natural polished stone.

Solid® in matt white

The Solid® surface and its velvety finish recall the natural effect of stone smoothed by water, unique and natural. Here is the perfect touch of elegance for your bathroom!

This finish is characterised by a very particular texture, a pleasant tactile and massaging sensation, it is resistant and easy to clean.

Furthermore, water stagnation will never be a problem! In fact, the product is modelled so water flows immediately into the drain. Zero problems, maximum elegance.



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Colour variants

The Aquaforte FREE-STANDING BATHS are available in the color variants that you find below. The colour variants can be easily combined with any type of furniture and project.

RAL / NCS colour
WHITE colour
ASH colour
IVORY colour
GREY colour
BLACK colour

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