Surface maintenance SOLID® washbasins and baths

Taking care of the surfaces of your washbasin and your bath made of SOLID® is quick and easy. Simply wipe the surface with soapy water or common detergents to remove most stains and dirt. If you prefer gel or abrasive detergents, take care to rinse the surface well so the original matte finish, characteristic of the product, is maintained.

The material is stain resistant by its nature but, to prevent any problems from arising, we do not recommend the use of aggressive chemicals such as acetone, trichlorethylene, acids or strong bases.

What if it gets damaged? No problem! Just follow these simple instructions: in cases of minor damage it is possible to restore the surface using an abrasive sponge and a common cleaner.

The sponge is used to superficially smooth the damaged part and, if the defect is still visible, just go over the area by gently rubbing it with a very fine sandpaper. Scratches, stubborn stains from dyes or enamels and cigarette burns can be removed with a few gestures and the appearance will remain unchanged over time.

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What to use and what to avoid

To clean the surface, cream or powder detergents with micro-granules that abrade the surface are recommended. Denatured ethyl alcohol can be used with the foresight to rinse well.

On the other hand, solvents such as acetone or trichlorethylene and any aggressive chemical substance should be avoided. In the event that the aggressiveness of some products is not known, it is advisable to try them first on a small area and then proceed with cleaning.

Maintenance of MINERALMARMO® Shower Trays Surfaces

Taking care of this product is quick and easy. To remove most of the limescale, dirt and stains that normally settle on the surface, simply clean MINERALMARMO with a damp cloth or sponge and common detergents.
In case of stubborn dirt, use abrasive cream or powder detergents containing micro-granules that abrade the surface, and a slightly abrasive Scotch Brite type sponge. Finally, at the end of cleaning, the surface must be rinsed well.

Some improper uses can cause visible defects which, however, can be remedied with simple maintenance. Signs of wear, scratches, stubborn stains and chips can be eliminated with small steps.

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What to use and what to avoid

This product has good heat resistance, however, avoid placing hot objects on the surface or draining hot liquids from them. We do not recommend the use of aggressive chemical solvents such as acetone, trichlorethylene, solvents, acids and strong bases.

Avoid that some substances such as ink, cosmetics and dyes can release stains on the surface. Do not place lit cigarettes, do not cut directly on the surface and do not use metal scrapers.

Cream or gel products are recommended. Some types of products used for polishing car bodies are also recommended for extraordinary maintenance, but to be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Painted Surfaces Maintenance

For everyday cleaning of painted surfaces it is sufficient to clean with common detergents suitable for spray surfaces and a soft sponge, or a cotton cloth. Be careful not to use abrasive sponges and do not use abrasive cleaners. After cleaning, rinse the surface well to avoid the formation of halos.

It is recommended not to use bleach-based products as they can form halos on the painted surface. Strong acids and bases such as muriatic acid and caustic soda, solvents such as alcohol, denatured alcohol, acetone, trichlorethylene or others used in the painting sector can alter painted surfaces. Also do not use products to unblock drains. Finally, avoid the use of abrasive sponges and abrasive paper in the coloured part. For detergents whose potential aggressiveness is unknown, it is advisable to carry out an application test in a small area not visible before using the product.

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