Made to measure products


Each environment is unique, as are tastes and ideas. We at Aquaforte know this well and are constantly working to provide our customers with a tailor-made personalisation service, capable of adapting to any space and environment.

This is why Aquaforte shower trays, baths and washbasins can be made to measure according to the most diverse needs, choosing cuts and shapes of the product exactly according to the space available.

Through adaptations and colour choices, all our custom-made products will be unique and of the highest quality. The choice is varied: you can choose between a solid appearance or something refined and elegant.

Integrated Tops to Measure

Resistant, hygienic, scratch-resistant, long-lasting and with a pleasant velvety effect to the touch; these are the main characteristics of Aquaforte washbasins.

If you are among those who have already fallen in love with it, this may be due to the material, unique in its kind and with multiple functional and aesthetic characteristics. Thanks to their composition, our made-to-measure integrated tops are versatile and highly technical, perfect for design bathroom furnishings, linear and at the same time enveloping shapes that will meet all needs.
There are numerous solutions and models available in our catalogue, which can also be adapted to the development of custom designed pieces.


Starting from the needs of the customer, we are able to provide bespoke and completely customisable products as regards shape, colour and configuration. It is therefore possible to request both a countertop washbasin and a boxed washbasin starting from measurements provided by the customer.

Free standing baths to measure

It is possible to order a completely customised product as regards measurements and dimensions with the maximum flexibility of customisation to meet a customer’s needs.


Starting from the needs of the customer, we are able to provide bespoke and completely customisable products as regards shapes, colours and configurations. The choice can be between boxed, niche or wall-mounted tubs, with the possibility of also having the exclusive bookcase variant to give a touch of exclusivity to the bathroom.

Custom shower trays

Aquaforte shower trays are completely customisable according to the customer’s needs and projects, choosing from:

  • Customisable plate with oversize cutting and with the possibility to choose the finish of the cut.
  • Made to measure plate that can reach a length of up to 220 cms.

Cut to Measure and Shaping

Aquaforte shower trays can be cut in length and width and made with grooves shaped exactly to fit the available space. Just a few precautions: the cuts must be straight and therefore curved or arched cuts are not allowed, moreover it is not possible to cut the shower tray around the drain for an area equal to 40 x 40 cm.

Colour variants

The Aquaforte made to measure products are available in the color variants that you find below. The colour variants can be easily combined with any type of furniture and project.

RAL / NCS colour
WHITE colour
ASH colour
IVORY colour
GREY colour
BLACK colour

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