Countertop washbasins

Available in different models, our countertop washbasins complement a variety of situations: from the most modern furnishings to minimalism. Here the material remains the protagonist, devoid of any futile accessory, as it is at the origin of the shape itself. Our countertop washbasins are resistant, hygienic, scratch-resistant and long-lasting, as well as being simple to assemble.





Our Washbasins

Ideal for those who want to combine design and functionality in the bathroom. The characteristic of our washbasins is the essential shape that allows you to save space, while making the bathroom environment appear much larger.
The simple and minimal lines adapt to a multitude of architectural contexts. Solid and resistant, like all our washbasins, these too have a velvety and non-porous surface, they are hygienic and easy to clean.



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Care and maintenance

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Solid® in matt white

The Solid® surface and its velvety finish recall the natural effect of stone smoothed by water, unique and natural. Here is the perfect touch of elegance for your bathroom!

This finish is characterised by a very particular texture, a pleasant tactile and massaging sensation, it is resistant and easy to clean.

Furthermore, water stagnation will never be a problem! In fact, the product is modelled so water flows immediately into the drain. Zero problems, maximum elegance.

Colour variants

The Aquaforte COUNTERTOP washbasins are available in the colour variants below. The colour variants can be easily combined with any type of furniture and project.

RAL / NCS colour
WHITE colour
ASH colour
IVORY colour
GREY colour
BLACK colour

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